Manufacture of Optical Distribution Box


The optical distribution box is a component that forms the EPON and GPON network. It is used to place the passive devices connected to the OLT and the ONU. The equipment can be used to distribute the downlink data and focus on the uplink data. The splitter has an upstream optical interface, a number of downstream optical interface, generally used for loop terminal fiber optic cable core fiber splitting, with fiber splicing, terminal, jump, wiring machine sub-fiber function.

The box of the optical distribution box should have good corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and should be able to effectively prevent electrical damage. The material should be non-toxic and non-corrosive and will not have side effects on the human body and other equipment. Door locks should be anti-theft structure, with good anti-damage function. To ensure that the equipment inside the box, the safety of the door should also be configured to increase the padlock of the pendant and hole.

The material used to make the outer part of the box should be cold rolled steel plate, should have good physical strength and resistance to corrosion and electrochemical reaction ability. After the assembly, the metal see no burrs, structural parts are not twisted, the surface smooth, uniform color, there is no mechanical scratches traces, the parts shall not have significant color. The coating surface should be continuous and uniform, and the texture is consistent with the corresponding standard template.

The layout of the space in the box should meet the requirements of the laying of the cable. The bending radius of the cable should be 20 times larger than that of the cable. Fiber optic fiber no matter where the turn, should ensure that the radius of curvature of not less than 30 mm. And the box should be set to protect the original grounding, and in the protection of the ground with a clear grounding mark.