Major Advances in Fiber Optic Box Technology


Major advances in fiber optic box technology have substantially widened the range of services carried by the network. Satellites, microwave radio, optical cable links, digital switching and transmission, offer a potential for the improvement of quality and for the extension of access to the most remote areas. The pace of technological change is increasing while the magnitude of demands the future will make on our creativity and capacity to adapt is great.

Customers will demand more than just state of-thc-art technology; they will want convenience and increased control in their lives that affordable information access can provide. While businesses will look for total telecommunications solutions that will not only enable them to remain productive and compete globally but will also give them a competitive edge.

Greentelftth can be well-placed to meet these challenges ahead and meet the varied needs of our local and international customers and pave the way for the region's new dynamism in the telecommunications industry well into the 21st century.

As technology and mode of transport arc changing fast, a broad approach to suit all future type of services will have to be borne in mind, while designing the infrastructures for buildings.

A properly designed building with clear Access Path supports the triple play services, viz telephony, data and video services. Also, supports future advanced services, warranting higher speeds and higher bandwidth, planned to be available in near future, fiber optic box for faster provision of services.