List The Characteristics Of Dome Fiber Closure


What is DOME Fiber Closure  ? Many people don't know much about it, so let's introduce it to Xiaobian.

DOME Fiber Closure, which includes a base with cable port entry, a stack of splicing trays and a detachable dome.

Its advantages are:

1. The format is easily sealed to IP68, but the dome can be removed in seconds to re-enter.

2. Many basic configurations can be produced within the same overall footprint

By using different domes, the closure can be expanded to add more splice trays.

3. Having a sturdy casing is only half the challenge. Another 50% is the inclusion and organization of fiber-to-fiber connectivity.

4. A fiber optic cable consists of a cable "component" (usually a loose tube or strip). Thus, the "single-component" splice tray accommodates the fibers of the entire cable element. This arrangement is well suited for online (track) closure. Storage of fiber is for long-term survival, and it is not expected that closure is an intentional intervention point.