Knowledge Of Fiber Optic Splice Closure


Fiber Optic Splice Closure are typically used with outdoor fiber optic cables; they provide a splicing space for outdoor fiber optic cables. The fiber splice closure and the internal fiber optic tray will protect the connection between the spliced fiber and the outdoor fiber optic cable. Typically, fiber optic splice closures are dome and horizontal. Use horizontal stitching more.

Ribbon and round cables are available in a variety of fiber splice enclosures, and different types can accommodate different numbers of cables and the fibers that need to be connected. The fiber optic connector is made of special industrial plastic, with high tension, good lightning protection, and reliable sealing performance, and can also optimize anti-aging due to natural environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays. Our fiber optic splice closures are used in antenna and pipe cables and are widely used in fiber optic communication systems.