Installation Method of Fiber Optic Splice Closure


Fiber Preparation:

1. Remove the cable jacket (if any, remove the shield and armor). Then remove the wraps until the loose tube is exposed. For specific methods, follow the standard method recommended by the cable manufacturer. Prepare a length of 3 meters.

2. Clean the loose tube and reinforcement core sheath with detergent, remove the excess filling tube, and grind the cable sheath 150 mm long with the provided sandpaper.

Optical cable installation:

1. according to the outer diameter of the optical cable to select the smallest inner diameter of the sealing ring, and the two sealing rings on the cable.

2. Place the cable into the corresponding hole.

3.connect shielding and grounding.

4. A self-adhesive sealing tape is wound between the two sealing rings so that the sealing tape is wound around the outer diameter of the sealing ring to form a sealed end of the optical cable.

5. Press the sealed end of the cable into the hole in the cable.

6. Use the hose clamps to pass through the cable-reinforcement ribs and the cable holder. Fix the cable to the base of the connector box. Tighten the hose clamp screw until the hose clamp tightens.

7. Put a nylon cable tie on the cable and cut off the excess length.

8. the other unused cable holes, please seal with a plug. The sealing tape is similarly wound on the plug and the requirement is the same as in 5.2.4.

9. Wrap the reinforcing member around the countersunk screw on the splicing plate holder and press it tightly.

Optical fiber connection:

1. Prepare an optical fiber that is coiled with 1.5 turns after the upper plate is prepared, and then the remaining fiber is coiled in the box body.

2. Please use a single-core buffer tube for the single-core optical disk and a ribbon buffer tube for the upper tape optical fiber. At the inlet of the splicing plate, it is fastened with a nylon tie.

3. Dock two (with) optical fibers according to the specified method. The connectors are inserted into the slot of the fusion unit. The excess length must be coiled in the disk.

4. Cover the splice tray and press it into place.

Box seal:

1. Box Encapsulation: Tighten the valve nozzle and the grounding screw before the box is packaged. The sealing strip is embedded in the sealing groove around the box body; the sealing groove is embedded in the groove at both ends of the "U" groove of the joint box. Note: Do not pull the seal manually to prevent leakage by using the seal.

2. Gently close the upper cover of the joint box and screw in the fastening bolt. The tightening sequence shall be tightened according to the numerical sequence indicated on the cover and fixed with a torque wrench. The torque shall be 25N·m.

3. After 5 minutes, tighten the torque wrench in sequence and the torque still reaches 25N·m.

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