Inline Closure Supplier Describes How To Check Fiber Optic Connectors With A Magnifying Glass


What can be done with a magnifying glass to check the fiber optic connector, I did not expect the fiber optic connector to be able to find the problem simply, so today, follow the Inline Closure supplier to see the specific steps of the preparation and the magnifying glass to check the fiber optic connector.

First, to use the fiber amplifier to check the end of the fiber connector pin, the first preparation is as follows:

1. 200x or 400x fiber amplifier (check the corresponding optical adapter of the fiber connector type).

2. Pure alcohol and mirror paper (hairless soft paper).

3. Light source (incandescent bulb).

Second, the specific steps of the magnifying glass inspection:

1. Remove the dust cover at the end of the connector for inspection;

2. Insert the connector into the adapter's magnifying glass;

3. If you do not see the field of view of the magnifying glass stitch, adjust the position of the magnifying glass adjustment knob until the stitch pattern is all in the field of view;

4. Adjust the focal length of the magnifying glass to the correct position so that the graphic at the end of the stitch is clear;

5. Check that the end of the pin has properly ground the connector. Its surface should be round and very smooth. The end of the fiber core is flush with the pin and has a concentric ring shape. If there is dust (or sputum), use a pure alcohol mirror paper (hairless soft paper) to dry. Until the surface is free of dust (otherwise you will see obvious defects);

6. Remove the dust cover from the other end of the connector and place one end of the pin on the incandescent bulb. We just check if the light at the end of the connector is visible, otherwise, the cable where the connector is located is damaged.

7. Repeat the above steps and check again. You will notice that the end of the core pin is very bright and you may notice subtle defects.

8. Replace the two ends of the connector, then repeat the above steps to check the other end;

9. Use the appropriate method or by sanding or reassembling the connector, mark the end of the connector with the label, and repeat the above steps for inspection.