Inline Closure Manufacturers Share How To Properly Connect Fiber Optic Quick Connectors


The fiber optic quick connector is the medium used to connect to the network for Internet access. So, the knowledge about how to connect the fiber optic quick connector is organized and distributed by the Inline Closure manufacturer.

First, pick up the fiber optic connector, turn it counterclockwise to the bottom tube, and then thread the fiber into the tailpipe.

Then, the optical fiber is inserted into the flat fiber stripper, and the outer wall of about 65 mm is stripped to confirm whether the fiber is damaged or not, and one of the unused bare fibers is broken.

Place the fiber into the slot of the fixed-length stripper, close the cover and pull out the fiber, peel off the bare fiber coating, and clean the bare fiber with alcohol-coated test paper.

Press the fiber into the groove of the fixed-length stripper, place the fixed-length stripper into the cutting sipe, cut the fiber, remove the fiber, and remove the dust jacket.

Insert the tail clip of the fiber optic automatic connector into the end of the fiber-optic connector until the positioning point, and connect the tailpipe to the connector body in a clockwise direction to fix the fiber.

The fiber of the protruding ceramic core end face is flattened by the other end of the dust jacket. When the optical fiber is flattened, the plug is removed, and the coupling cap is placed in the connector body.