Inline Closure Manufacturer Describes How To Repair Damaged Fiber Optic Cable


If we encounter a broken fiber, what should we do? As a professional Inline Closure manufacturer, let's share the process of how to break the broken fiber optic cable.

1. When the optical fiber is connected, connect in order, connect with the same color and connect with the same core, from large to small.

2. When connecting, it is necessary to strip the cable and take care when stripping the cable. Do not damage the bundled tube. Strip about 1m. The ointment will appear inside and wipe it with toilet paper.

3. Strip the fiber and then thread it into the joint box for fixed pressing.

4. Pass the fiber through the heat shrink tubing.

5. turn on the power, use the fusion machine to weld, pay attention to dust when using, can not drop the fiber powder into the fusion machine.