Inline Closure Manufacturer Analyzes The Difference Between Fiber And Cable


Many people are not familiar with fiber optic cables and fiber optics, so today, Inline Closure manufacturers talk about the difference between the two.

Firstly, the optical cable is a communication cable composed of two or more glass, plastic optical fiber core and wrapping layer. The internal signal transmission of the optical fiber generally adopts laser, which has the characteristics of higher speed, larger capacity, and long-distance transmission.

However, if fiber optics is like the information superhighway, fiber optic cable is like the cornerstone of the highway. At the transmitting end, the information to be transmitted is first converted into an electrical signal and then transmitted to the laser beam through the laser. The intensity of the light changes with the frequency of the electrical signal and is transmitted through the optical fiber. At the receiving end, the detector receives the light. After the signal is turned into an electrical signal, after processing, the original information is restored.

So what are the differences between optical cable and optical fiber?

The optical cable is composed of a certain number of optical fibers and is covered with a sheath and a protective layer for communication and long-distance large-capacity information transmission.

Optical fiber is a transmission tool, just like a thin plastic wire. A very thin fiber is encapsulated in a plastic sleeve for long-distance information transmission. So the cable is fiber-optic.