Inline Closure Has Flexible And Reliable Performance


Inline Closure is suitable for all kinds of fiber optic cable through joint and bifurcation joint protection, derrick, overhead, and plumbing hanging wall hanging wall installation. Inline Closure of a complete set of plastic parts adopt scientific formula of synthetic high strength PC engineering plastic, through numerical control injection molding equipment, can effectively prevent the nature cold, heat, oxygen and ultraviolet radiation aging caused by the material, and has excellent mechanical strength.

Strong optical cable joint box shell and body structure, can play a role flame-retardant, waterproof, shockproof, the drawing of cable joint, flattening,impact, bending, distorting, axial compression, such as protection, and can at + 55 °C and 40 °C - natural environment for long-term use. Box body and hoop locking fixed sealing device for the base, equipped with elastomer seals between cylinder bottom, ensure its reliability and stability of the products, can provide optical fiber directly, termination, or differences in with reliable, solid, flexible protection.

The body of the closure consists of two half shells made of plastic that is resistant against all environmental influences. The intersection of the half shells is sealed with a reusable silicone ring. The closure has an integral hinge on one side and five stainless steel and plastic tensioners on the other side.

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