Inline Closure Appears With Data Network


The data center network is a process that brings with it many changes to the data center as your business grows. In this process of change, the enterprise data center network will gradually adapt to the unified and converged architecture. The high efficiency and high availability brought by virtualization will bring about the rapid expansion of network bandwidth, the reduction of energy consumption and the greener experience. Before the cloud computing application relying on the new data center network architecture comes true, the pace of any technology evolution will still be a factor for the enterprise, and the understanding and deployment of these technologies and the mature application of related products and solutions will further Decide the cycle of a business going to a new generation of data centers.

With the evolution of the Internet, the traditional data transmission has been unable to meet the requirements of modern people. So there comes the appearance of optical fiber. Inline closure, fiber terminal boxes, optical splitters gradually appear in our lives, from business to family residence can be seen.

As the scale of enterprise data centers continues to grow, several issues that most frustrate business headaches with fragmented network environments are, in short, separate data networks, separate storage networks, separate computing networks, different protocols and standards Short board, different networks require enterprises to equip them with different network cards, space, power and air conditioning and other infrastructure. Interleaved cabling network cabling may make many administrators dizzy. At the same time for different network environments, companies need a dedicated technical team to support, manage and maintain more and more difficult. These are hindering the further development of the data center, not to mention the coming cloud computing for the future.

You might ask, what are the characteristics of a new generation of data center network? For the data center in the midst of change, some of the elements we can already see, but some still need to wait. At the moment we can see features such as more streamlined, virtualized features, scaling to the data center scale, higher bandwidth support, non-blocking low latency, and more. For these features, the Inline Closure manufacturers are their products and solutions are the advantages of these goals. So is there an architecture that supports these features? The answer is yes.