In Which Environments Does DOME Fiber Closure Apply?


DOME Fiber Closure  is suitable for applications above or below the level and supports up to 6 or more cable entries. The fiber dome seal design features a unique gasket split end plate system for intermediate access cables up to 1.125 inches in diameter. A branch or cross cable can be added to any of the four compression seal inlets. Multiple cables (up to six) can also be mounted using multi-port gaskets for fiber dome closure. The outdoor fiber dome does not require special tools, adhesives or adhesives for installation. Integrated slack storage and hinged trays for maximum storage and access to fiber and fiber bundles. Each fiber dome housing includes a fiber splice tray.

With an external device base for splicing and termination of the cable. The split base design of the pedestal allows for circular cutting of fiber optic cables using SC duplex adapters for mid-span access and termination of up to 48 drop cables. The optical separator used was designed with a molten double cone and mounted in the lower splice tray. The base includes a 24-fiber splice tray and all the hardware needed to secure the three cables.