How To Wire The Dome Fiber Closure Junction Box?


First of all, we should choose the right and correct junction box. We mainly look at the current of the components in the junction box. One is to see the maximum current of the working, and the maximum current output when the output is shorted. Generally, we calculate the rated current according to the short-circuit current. This makes it safer to use, so before assembly, know where the production components are and calculate the correct safe current to ensure our future use.

The  DOME Fiber Closure   junction box has a base. The base also has a fiber holder. The cover is opened. The junction box installed on the ground should be carefully installed to ensure the stability of the base. The junction box can be opened, but it must be waterproof and dustproof. For other functions, the junction box should be flush with the ground to prevent the junction box from being wrong. There are also wiring ports at both ends of the base. We should connect the optical fiber to the wiring port, and then cover and cover the cover for testing.

When wiring, you should pay attention to safety, ensure the current, and ensure that the rated current of the junction box is sufficient. The junction box installed on the wall should be about 30cm away from the ground, so be sure not to touch the junction box when the ground is active. The various socket panels in the junction box should have marking instructions, and the tool area should ensure that there is enough space in the junction box to meet the design requirements.