How to Clean Greentelftth Fiber Optic Box Correctly and Effectively


Greentelftth fiber optic box is the terminal at the end of a cable that is made of fiber optic strands and that carries digital signals. Other fiber optic box standards apply in the networking field, in which optic fiber cables provide extremely high bandwidth connections.

Fiber optic boxs are usually very sensitive thus prone to damage and contamination. To keep the devices in working condition for a long time, you should clean them regularly.

Ferrule is a cylindrical and also the most critical part in an optic fiber box. It is usually made from stainless steel or Zirconia. Zirconia is a type of white colored ceramic which is an extremely refractory material. It offers chemical and corrosion inertness to temperatures well above the melting point of alumina. Zirconia is the preferred material for high quality fiber optic ferrules. Ferrules have a tiny hole in the center which holds optic fiber in place. Then the fiber is scribed and precisely polished to flush with the end face of the ferrule. Two fiber boxs can then mate to each other with a mating sleeve. When mated, two ferrules' end faces contact each other perfectly and thus pass light from one fiber to another.

Ferrules get dirty from dust, stain and debris made by constant plugging and unplugging after having been used for a while. These contaminations will block the light path and thus seriously reduce the light power and may disable the network connection.

To clean the box, you can use a cleaning card. This is a card that is usually sold in many stores dealing with optic cable products. Once you have the card, you should peel the plastic cover, hold the box between your thumb and forefinger and then using firm pressure, swipe the box on the card in an "N" motion.

Other than using a cleaning card to clean the box, you can also use a lint-free wipe. To provide the required thickness, you should fold the wipe into a square of about 4-8 layers. When folding the wipe you should be careful and ensure that you don't contaminate the cleaning area of the wipe.