How To Choose A Quality DOME Fiber Closure


DOME Fiber Closure is a closure that connects a length of fiber optic cable to a cable of the same type of different lengths. This is sometimes referred to as an online closure or a track connection. The added functionality is provided by a spur (or branch) connector that divides the cable into two ongoing main and side or branch cables. There is also the end of the path closure where the cable is broken down into separate components for customer or telecommunications connections.

DOME Fiber Closure needs security. This means that it is safely placed in the basement, securely attached to the overhead cable support or installed aesthetically in the customer's building.

The theme of easy closure, safe access to fiber, environmental hardness and flexibility may persist. G.657 fibers with a safe bend radius of less than 30 mm result in a tighter storage radius for the splice tray. The quality splicing for the strip means that the splice tray now requires a storage quality splice joint bracket.