How to Build Greentelftth Fiber Optic Box


Build your own light source using colored light-emitting diodes because these will show more definition. By using this fiber optic box, you will clearly see terminations. If colored led are used, any small abnormality that was hidden before will stand out prominently.


1) Purchase the afterward abstracts at a amusement or electronics store:

--Small artificial activity box

--Six black LEDs (red or green)

--Six 1.5-kilo-ohm resistors

--Small on/off switch

--9-volt battery

2) Mount the LEDs on top of the box for simple accessibility.

Note: We acclimated six led because this is the amount of ST connectors installed in cilia modules army in the cilia abortion boxes.

3) Locate the about-face in an humble location. If you do not use an on/off switch, again you accept to unplug the array anniversary time you use the kit.

4) Mount the resistors central the cilia optic box

5) Secure the 9-volt array with a cable tie to accumulate it in abode and acquiesce backup if necessary. is professionally engaged in the integration and service of fiber optic box .