How Does The Dome Fiber Closure Manufacturer Introduce Fiber Connectors?


With the development of the times, satellites or signals have covered many areas. Usually, we need to have broadband at home. In this case, we will go to the communication company to pull fiber. The speed of the fiber is very fast, which is a way to pull the signal. Now that we have talked about fiber optics, let’s talk about fiber optics today. About fiber, we all use it every day. How much do you know about it? You know how it is made and how it is wired. So, today's  DOME Fiber Closure   manufacturers have to talk about how to connect fiber connectors?

1. The fiber is only in this multimedia box and does not need to be distributed to other places.

If you want to lead the line to other places, you must find a broadband installer. This line of electricians won't get it, and there are no professional tools. Generally, when the fiber enters, it enters the multimedia box and later installs the broadband. This is the home line, and the cat and router must be installed in the multimedia box. Therefore, when installing, leave a power outlet in this multimedia box. After the cat and router are all installed, plug the network cable of other rooms into the router and you can use it. Therefore, the cable of other rooms should be gathered here.

2. The manufacturing method of the fiber connector wiring is as follows:

a. Preparation tools, in order: Miller clamp, open stripper, cold joint, fixed length stripper, cutting knife.

b. Strip the light bark.

c. Light stripping after peeling.

d. Put the light strip into the fixed length stripper (our place is usually called caliper), and attach the cover according to the length reserved.

e. Prepare to strip the fiber coating with a Miller clamp.

f. After peeling off the coating, cut the fiber.