Greentelftth Fiber Closure with a reliable moisture barrier


The Fiber Closure is fabricated from appropriate automated grade, top astriction artificial with a reliable damp barrier. They are aswell optimized to abide crumbling of the actual due to factors in the accustomed ambiance such as ultraviolet light.

As fiber cable network is built by drawing the long lines of physical cables, it is highly impossible to lay a continuous cable end-to-end. Then there comes the fiber optic pigtail, one of the cable assemblies, has a connector on one end and a length of exposed fiber on another end to melt together with fiber optic cable. By melting together the glass fiber cable, it can reach a minimum insertion loss.

Pigtails are terminated on one end with a connector, and typically the other side is spliced to OSP (Outside Plant Cable). They may be simplex: (single fiber), or multi-fiber up to 144 fibers. Pigtails do have male and female connectors in which male connectors will be used for direct plugging of an optical transceiver while the female connectors are mounted on a wall mount or patch panel. Fiber optical pigtails are usually used to realize the connection between patch panels in a Central Office or Head End and OSP cable. Often times they may also provide a connection to another splice point outside of the Head End or central office. The purpose of this is because various jacket materials may only be used a limited distance inside the building.

The features of the Fiber Optic Splice Closures are shown below:

The box add aging-resistant in imported high tensile construction plastic out-faster is made up of stainless steel

Overlap structure in splicing tray easy to install

Suitable for ordinary fiber and ribbon fiber

Perfect leak proof-ness and fine function

Perfect and reliable sealing operations

Fiber-bending radium guaranteed more than 40mm

Full accessories for convenient operations

Fiber optic splice closure can be used repeatedly

High reliability

For aerial, and direct buried applications

Fiber Splice Closures are widely used in optic telecommunication systems. Greentelftth is a Fiber Closure manufacturer including Fiber Optic Splice Closure, Inline Closure, DOME Fiber Closure.