Greentel DOME Fiber Closure Manufacturer Play A Vital Role


Greentel DOME Fiber Closure Play A Vital Role in the Quality of Communication Transmission. The fiber optic splice closure is an indispensable important component in the optical cable line, and it plays a crucial role in the protection of the optical fiber cable connection and the communication transmission quality of the optical cable line.

Judging from the current application situation, failures of the communication lines (except for visible failures of the optical cable such as man-made construction damage or natural disasters) are mostly not on the optical cable, and most of the failures occur in the optical cable splice box, such as poor sealing performance connection box water, optical loss increased or even broken fiber; poor fiber optic connection, not loss, or intensity is not enough; overhead optical cable affected by the external environment winter contraction expansion in the summer led to frequent failures in the season. Also occurs in the fiber optic splice closure; in addition, the fiber optic splice closure is also affected by lightning, wind, flood, mudslides, earthquakes and other external forces often cause a variety of failures.

At present, foreign fiber optic splice closure have the following broad issues: some manufacturers of fiber optic splice closures are not suitable for China's national conditions, can not meet industry standards and network requirements; some joint boxes have no termite erosion resistance; a small number of joint box structure reach 1000N Stretching force; some joint boxes are poor in high temperature sealing performance; individual joint boxes are complicated to install, and construction techniques are poor.

The fiber optic splice closure can effectively prevent the material aging caused by the heat, cold, light, oxygen and microbes in nature, and has excellent mechanical strength. The sturdy cable connector barrel shell and the main structural member can endure the worst natural environment. Strong temperature changes, while being fire-retardant, waterproof, vibration, impact, cable tension, distortion and other protection, can adapt to the natural environment of any country.