Greentel Fiber Optic Splice Closure Adopt Patented Waterproof


The fiber optic splice closure is something that we often encounter when setting up a network. It is mainly used for the connection of two network cables and plays a role in connection. Therefore, the sealing of the fiber optic splice closure becomes a crucial issue. Only good sealing can make users feel comfortable and safe to use.

Greentel fiber optic splice closure adopts patented waterproof and elastic conjoined sealing technology. This product has been meticulously researched by the company's technology development department, and after hundreds of trials, it has successfully developed a waterproof elastic one-piece seal, selected high-quality imported elastomer sealing material, and used a mold to shape the product so that the product joint surface is seamless.

Sealing performance guarantee, can achieve multiple repeated opening, repeated use, solve the construction problem, and also configure large-capacity optical fiber cable in and out of the hole, not only meet the current capacity requirements, but also meet the needs of the future expansion of fiber optic cable, Tianxiang Communication's fiber optic splice closure is quick and easy to disassemble, and can withstand the strongest temperature changes in nature for a long time, maintaining good sealing performance. The waterproof and elastically-connected seals are domestically-originated and internationally-leading, and are used in a large number in the northwest, northeast and south China communications networks. Has reliable optical performance and electrical resistance.

Fiber Optic Splice Closure from greentelftth has a large internal structure. The welding disk adopts a stacking type, flexible configuration, simple installation, and the optical fiber bending radius fully meets international standards. The bottom of the fiber optic splice closure is a space and a wire ring for the coiling of the remaining optical fiber. There is no attenuation change in the splice box. The company's production of fiber optic splice closure body fixed base using high-intensity imported engineering plastic injection molding, voltage strength and insulation resistance in full compliance with international standards.