Greentel Fiber Closure Is Small in Size, Large in Capacity, and Easy to Maintain


The fiber closure is used for wiring, welding and fiber storage in the outdoor fiber closure at both ends of the fiber closure, and is suitable for connection and divergent application in overhead, pipeline manhole, direct burial and pipeline laying optical cable, and To the role of the protective joint. It has the integrity of the recovery cable cover and the mechanical continuity of the cable reinforcement; provides electrical connection, grounding or disconnection of the metal components in the cable; protects the cable connector from the environment; can be installed with fiber connectors and storage of excess fiber .

The box of the fiber closure is injection molded from new material PPR. It has good resistance to alkali salt corrosion and aging resistance, and the surface is smooth and beautiful, the mechanical structure is firm, and it has strong anti-field environment performance and can withstand severe climate change. And a harsh working environment.

It is suitable for ribbon cable and ordinary fiber cable. The fuse plate in the box can be flipped by book page, and there is enough fiber to wind the radius of curvature and space. Each fiber cable and each fiber can be constructed separately.

The fiber closure is small in size, large in capacity, and easy to maintain.

Provide reliable cable fixing and cable reinforcement core grounding protection.

The fiber closure is a passive component that provides a very good protection for the splices of the fiber. Available in overhead, pipe and buried installations.

Buried fiber closure we also call it a horizontal fiber closure. The fiber input and output are on both sides of the fiber closure. The horizontal cable connector box is suitable for the application of the backbone network.

Ningbo Tianxiang Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. can provide buried fiber closures of different shapes. All joint boxes are well sealed. High quality PP materials are extremely durable, whether they are overhead, pipes or buried.