Greentel Dome Fiber Closure Has Good Environmental Applicability


Greentel DOME Fiber Closure is a joint protection device for optical, sealing and mechanical strength continuity between adjacent optical cables. In optical communication networks, due to the limited length of cable, cable branch of transmission line, so need to optical fiber cable connector, dome fiber closure production, provide conditions and protect joint branch. The cable junction box is also called the dome fiber closure, the optical fiber package, the cable joint and the gun pipe. It is mainly used for the optical cable overhead, pipeline, the through-hole and branch connection of the direct buried installation. The box body is made of high quality engineering plastic with high strength, corrosion and aging resistance. Widely used in communications, network systems, cable television, optical cable network systems.

Greentelftth Dome fiber closure features:

1. The dome fiber closure can be used at the same time for some of the main cable and the split optical cable, and some of the main optical cable and the pigtail or the tail cable are welded and connected to the optical switching equipment through the fiber jumper. The splicing unit, the wiring unit in the network box, the part of the material of the network box housing, the optical cable connecting the cable box to the network box and the whole operation process can be omitted.

2. The plastic components of the dome fiber closures are made of high-quality engineering plastics. The exterior is sturdy and the structure is made of high-quality stainless steel. The secondary crimping technology is used to ensure no additional attenuation of the optical fiber inside the enclosure. The electrical connection to and from the optical cable can be broken. The function; with multiple reuse capacity expansion.

3. The dome fiber closure has good environmental applicability, reliability and water resistance, which can meet the life requirement of optical communication system. The operation is simple, the loss of the light joint is not affected by the stress, which ensures the transmission characteristics of the fiber. The fixing of fiber optic cable in dome fiber closure and the fixing of joint box on rod tower is convenient, fast and firm. Can be installed on the tower, cement pole; The dome fiber closure and its remaining length adopt laminated type of stored fiber.