General Information About Inline Closure


The Inline Closure is a high quality protective enclosure offering fast and easy in-line connectivity to the distribution route.The inline closure provides high network flexibility, upgradeability and uninterrupted fibre/cable connectivity with no need for splicing.

Designed for use with microtubes or modular cables.Straight connection is achieved simply by cutting individual tubes and connecting them to new tubes with push-fit connectors. A fibre can then be blown through this point without the need for additional splicing.


For direct burial or use in manholes

Retrofittable, can be installed any time, any place

Waterproof to 2m!

Tool free assembly


Hinged for ease of assembly

Self-locating grip rings


Very simple with no tools required. The inline closure consists of two hinged halves which should be fitted round the connection area. The inline closure is then sealed by manually tightening two retrofittable end-caps.

Fiber inline closure is a high capacity fiber inline enclosure designed for major splice points in the network. Designed to support both Inline and Butt configurations, each fiber inline enclosure is expandable utilizing an optional cable expansion kit. The fiber inline closure utilizes gasketed sealing along with a patented cable seal which allows for mid-span access to the largest cables. Outdoor fiber inline closure can be used in both above and below grade applications. Each enclosure includes one fiber splice tray.