Functional Layout Of The Dome Fiber Closure


The Dome fiber closure used to enclose and protect fiber splices, optical splitter unit, as well as to Distribute and connect the exchange side fiber optic cables to the end customers.The FAT with or without built-in splitter designed with ports to accommodate at least 1 uncut Cable, 3 standard cables and 24 outgoing drop cables.The FAT used as an interfacing point between distribution cables and drop cables, with Additional function of housing the bypassing fibers from incoming cable to the next FAT.


The FAT joint closures designed, manufactured and packaged so that the physical, Transmission and operation and maintenance characteristics are not degrade when exposed to the environmental conditions of Saudi Arabia and the expected environmental conditions during storage and transportation outside of the Kingdom. The environmental conditions of Saudi Arabia may include ambient air temperature variations from -10C to  55°C. In addition, direct solar radiation is known to increase the temperature to approximately 70 degrees C.


Dome Type Closure

The closure is a single-ended consisting of a base and dome and sealed with a clamp, or an O-ring system or any equivalent sealing system.The base have entry ports for one looped or uncut cable and for single cable entries.Heat-shrink sealing type is the preferred method used to close the occupied cable ports.The closure have suitable space for splice trays and the storage of excess and uncut loose buffer tubes.The end caps is provided with a feed-through to allow for external grounding and for inserting a valve for flash testing.

-Splice Tray

Material: High-quality plastic.

Splice capacity each tray

Types 12, 24, 36 and 48 fibers 12 splices, maximum.

Types 72, 96, 144, 192 and288 fibers 24 splices, maximum.

Length of coiled fiber inside tray is 1200 mm, minimum, each primary coated fiber.

Fiber bending radius inside tray is 30 mm, minimum.

Each tray equipped with a removable plastic cover.

-Splice Holder

Each trays  equipped with snap-on type splice holders that can hold effectively 40 or 60 mm long splice protection sleeves and It is preferred that each holder slot will be dedicated to hold and secure one splice sleeve.

-Splice Tray Support Or Bracket