FTTH Box Let Network Technology Improve


As a medium used in telecommunications, optical fibers typically transmit data more often than traditional wires. This is because optical fibers use light instead of electricity when sending information. A variety of technologies have emerged in the telecommunications industry, one of which is FTTH. It is already known that FTTP or fiber to the home can replace standard copper cables. Because it can carry high-speed broadband services, it is very desirable. This integrates voice, video and data and runs to the Ftth box in your home or building.

The FTTH box makes the Internet a major source of improvement / advancement in networking technologies that can be brought to business premises or homes. Most users use a limited capacity copper wire to log in to the network. For this reason, it has created the bottleneck for technologies that require more bandwidth. Conventional copper wires usually carry analog signals generated by telephone equipment including fax machines. Compared with the digital type, analog technology is naturally a less clear signal technology. Although multiplex technology can transmit digital signals over multiple channels, optical fibers perform well in transmitting signals and providing faster transfer rates.

In the past, consumer telecommunications networks consisted of lower-speed, high-speed cables that ran into the user's office and home. These high-speed backbone networks provide a comprehensive capacity for all users. However, the infrastructure running to users severely limits bandwidth and speed. With the advent of FTTH boxes, the bandwidth is greater and the transfer speed is faster.

At present, many service providers are introducing this technology. As a result, consumers can stream and download large files, such as movies, and participate in video chat with webcams connected to many new laptops. Service providers offer high-speed connectivity at speeds up to 10 Mbps. In addition, some offer demanding services such as video chat and streaming at speeds up to 50 mbps.

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