FTTH Box is Considered the Ideal Way to Access


FTTH refers to the installation of optical network unit (ONU) at home users or business users, is the optical access series in addition to FTTD (fiber to the desktop) outside the user closest to the optical access network application type. Ftth Box is used for outdoor, corridor or indoor connection trunk cable and wiring cable interface equipment. Its concentrated sleeve aligns the two league rings. Like a fence, many of the sleeves emerge from the bowl and can be a hole or a solid structure. The positioning sleeve uses the ferrule diameter to absolutely adjust the two absorption bushings. This alignment can be carried out in the high temperature range of low friction fit.

FTTH box is an indispensable part of FTTH construction. The product is widely used in the field of FTTH. Usually FTTH junction box can be used indoors, dustproof, waterproof. It can not only easily realize the fiber into the panel, and can directly access the ONU, double-core cable cable into a double-ended, outdoor cable into the villa, full coverage FTTx fiber to the various requirements. In addition, in the machine room site custom fiber, a substantial increase in the efficiency of the use of the engine room to reduce the hidden trouble.

There is no connection point and matching solution in the product, greatly reducing the loss of home, the number of life. And it does not require routine maintenance, in the water, dust pollution, the user can clean the street surface, without staff on-site service, greatly reducing the use of the latter part of the cost. Visualization of the construction can reduce the rework losses due to wear of the cutting blade even if the cutting problem is found.

Ftth Box is recognized as the ideal access, but the business model hindered the development of the industry. This is not entirely price, technical aspects of the problem, more importantly, due to the different areas and departments involved, the pace of the development of different FTTH box process. Therefore, the appropriate policy support is conducive to easing development pressures.