FTTH Box Has Become The Mainstream Of Information


With the progress and development of human society, water, electricity and gas have become indispensable infrastructure for people's lives. It is hard to imagine how a house without water, electricity and other supporting facilities can be sold. At present, we are entering the digital age from the industrial age. The prosperity and development of digital applications are changing people's lifestyles. However, the broadband infrastructure, as the carrier of digital life, has not kept pace with the standard infrastructure of housing. The reason, the laying of fiber need to re-construction, operators and users have brought additional difficulties, increasing the amount of capital and time consumption, the final serious impact on the digital process.

At present, FTTH box has become the mainstream mode for operators to build new broadband networks. However, operators are also generally facing the squeeze of traditional services by OTT and continuous decline in operating profit. FTTH network construction has a large investment and long payback period One of the common problems before operators. According to statistics from the industry, the cost of FTTH for the last mile accounts for 10% to 20% of the cost per household.

The second problem is the laying of the last mile of fiber is often faced with property obstruction and the user does not match such as the situation, such as the property deliberately delay the approval time for self-interest asking for anything or make unreasonable demands, or even deliberately destroyed broadband facilities; users because of walking Line, punch will destroy the decoration and do not want to cooperate. The third problem stems from the technical aspects. Tens of thousands of buildings have different scenarios, resulting in the difficulty of optical fiber deployment and the long time consuming. Some buildings are difficult to complete the laying and transformation of optical fibers due to historical reasons.

Property developers have long been accustomed to pipes and cables that provide services such as power, telephone and cable television to new homes. The most typical model is for developers to work with service providers. During building and refurbishment, developers provide facilities to connect existing buildings / buildings to existing public buildings outside the red line. Generally speaking, there are 2 telephone pipelines, 1 Cable TV channels and 4 power pipes. On top of that, developers can add two more fiber channels in the same channel at a fraction of the cost, and can avoid licensing, design, reconciling, and construction for up to several weeks of rerouting.

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