FTTH Box Established An Open Network Platform


With the further development and promotion of streaming media services, residential tenants tend to get higher, more stable and more reliable Internet access speeds, and put forward new demands on network bandwidth. Existing residential broadband access networks are based on the same medium, of which the widest coaxial cable, unshielded data cable followed by telephone twisted pair the narrowest. These three kinds of physical media were originally applied to the radio and television, computer data and telephone signal transmission, so by the three kinds of television, data, telephone service provider to build three kinds of access network, overlapping in a residential area, not only for Social resources cause great waste, and more difficult to provide long-distance, high-bandwidth business support, so the access network has become a user access to the metropolitan area a bottleneck.

The goal of the FTTH box is to bring together computer networks, broadcast television networks and telecommunications networks to form a fully digitized, unified network system that supports communications for all services including data, video and voice. This network system makes the three networks tend to be technically the same, on the network can be interoperable with each other in the business of cross-penetration, in the application of unified IP protocol, operating in the competition and cooperation in order to provide people with diverse, multimedia The same goal of personalized and personalized service gradually converges, and the regulatory and policy aspects of industry are gradually converging.

At this stage, the owners of residential communities are increasingly demanding information and communication services. In particular, there is a clear demand for FTTH boxes. The application of optical fibers has naturally entered the public's eyes. The optical fiber not only has the advantages of frequency bandwidth and large communication capacity, but also can effectively and conveniently realize the infinite superposition of application services and better meets the development needs of the future broadband integrated services, fundamentally avoiding the waste of resources caused by repeated investment. For smart communities, the optical fiber goes directly to the owner's home and installs the optical network unit (ONU) in the home of the owner, replaces the copper part of the access network with optical fibers, and realizes a copper-free fiber connection between the end office and the household (FTTH) technology, but also has the ability to provide large bandwidth, easy maintenance and installation features, the industry and experts generally believe that the future is the main form of broadband access network.

Fiber to the home for the community to set up a high bandwidth, scalable and multi-service bearer open digital access network platform, which not only enables telephone, data and cable television signal access to meet the user's fixed-line, data broadband And cable TV's freedom of choice and access needs.

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