Fiber Termination Box Is The Carrier Of Information


The fiber termination box provides the protective connection of the optical fiber and the wiring pigtail, the remaining optical fiber is stored in the box body, and the metal part of the optical cable leads to ground. It is used in optical fiber access network indoor optical terminal points and other occasions.

What is the relationship between fiber, fiber termination box and pigtail? Outdoor fiber optic cable access terminal box, the purpose is to fiber optic cable and pigtail in the welding, through the jumper, its lead. Connect fiber jumpers to fiber optic transceivers to convert optical signals into electrical signals. Fiber optic transceivers are led to electrical signals, the use of the transmission medium is twisted pair. In this case, the twisted pair can be connected to the RJ-45 port of the network device. At this point, the completion of the photoelectric signal conversion. Now there are many network equipment also have optical port (fiber interface), but if there is no light distribution module (similar to the fiber optic transceiver function), the mouth can not be used.

The fiber termination box is mainly used for the fixing of the cable end, the welding of the cable and the pigtail, and the storage and protection of the fiber. Optical fiber terminal box, in the cable laying of the terminal protection cable and pigtail welding box, mainly used for indoor fiber optic cable through and branch connection and cable terminal fixed, play the role of pigtail storage and protection joints. Fiber terminal box series of optical fiber transmission and communication network terminal wiring auxiliary equipment for indoor and optical cable direct and different connection, and the protection of fiber optic connectors.

Fiber termination box as the carrier of information transmission to fiber hardware as an information transmission medium, has become an important pillar of modern communications. The birth and in-depth development of optical fiber communication technology is an important reform in the history of information communication.