Fiber Termination Box Has An Irreplaceable Role


Fiber termination box is a compact fiber management product. Fiber optic cabling and cable management are widely used in FTTx cabling. In some cases, a fiber termination box can be considered the smallest form factor for fiber distribution frames and optical distribution frames (ODFs). At present, a large number of optical fiber terminal boxes and other cable management equipment. The names and models of these fiber optic terminal boxes vary depending on the design and philosophy of different vendors. Therefore, a detailed classification of fiber termination boxes can be a daunting task. Roughly speaking, fiber optic terminal box according to the size and application can be divided into optical fiber patch panels and fiber terminal boxes. From the appearance point of view, the size of the optical fiber junction box is a gigabit size, and the size of the optical fiber junction box is small.

Fiber patch panels are typically 19-inch wall mount or mounting. Under normal circumstances, there is a tray inside the fiber optic box, used to secure and protect the optical fiber link. Different types of fiber optic adapters can be pre-installed in the fiber optic patch panel as an interface through which the fiber optic box can be connected to external devices.

In addition to fiber distribution frames, fiber optic distribution and fabrication can be relied on fiber termination boxs. Although a typical fiber termination box has 12 ports or 24 ports, there are now eight ports, 36 ports, 48 ports, and 96 ports of fiber on the market. They usually have an FC or ST adapter on the panel, either on the wall or horizontally.

The fiber termination box contains the housing, the interior (bracket, sleeve of optical fiber, fixture) and the optical fiber connector protection element. The outstanding advantages of the optical fiber terminal box are the efficient cable fixing, soldering and their protection in optical fiber machinery. There is always insulation between the cable metal parts in the cable termination box and the cable terminal box housing, providing space for the cable terminal and preserving the fiber storage space. In addition, the optical fiber terminal box is easy to access, but also easy to install different occasions, thus saving time and costs.

Today's fiber termination box plays an irreplaceable role in the field of communication networks, with higher reliability and flexibility. This article may only provide guidance for choosing a fiber optic terminal box for your infrastructure.

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