Fiber Termination Box And Computer Connect To The Network


Most fiber termination boxs are professionally recommended to plan for finer ancillary times. In this case, do not mean to say that these units will not ask questions. Like any other unit, the cable will solve the problem in advance, by your own analysis and repair them.

Usually in the new home just finished renovation, you need to enter the next step, began to carry out some of the indoor line equipment installation layout. In the line connection to the computer, we will come into contact with the fiber terminal box. We all know that the fiber terminal box is used to connect the computer, but how to use fiber termination box, is not very clear. This article will talk about how to use fiber terminal box.

Fiber termination box first has a fixed function, the cable into the room, the fiber terminal box can be mechanically fixed fiber optic cable, the installation of ground protection components, the end of the protection process, and the fiber grouping and protection. After the cable is fixed, the fiber from the cable is welded to the tail cable through the fiber terminal box, and then the excess fiber is stored and the welded joint is protected. In the product configuration, first connect the connector on the tail cable in the fiber terminal box to the adapter, and then connect the optical connector to the optical connector on the other side of the adapter.

Cable in the end of the client there are many ways, two into the 8 is very representative, to explain in detail to you. Is a fiber optic cable to the client, it is fixed in the fiber terminal box, the terminal box in the cable in the core and pigtail fusion, such as a 8-core cable (cable has eight cores) Then it can be through the terminal box melting out more than eight pigtails. That is, there are two fiber optic cable into a terminal box, according to the need to melt a total of eight pigtails. For different electronic terminal equipment networking. And then connected with the computer. The fiber from the terminal box out of the network cable connected to the router WAN port, and then received the switch, the computer network cable is also connected to the switch. Connector for computer settings. Casually in a computer TCPIP set up the router gateway, and then landing the router, user name and password add static IP, subnet mask, DNS, etc., after the resumption of the router. Fiber termination box and computer complete networking.

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