Fiber PLC Splitter Provides Precise Segmentation


The fiber plc splitter allows the signal on the fiber to be distributed between two or more fibers. Since the separator does not contain electronic components and does not require power, they are an integral part and are widely used in most fiber networks. From a technical point of view, there are two commonly used splitter types: FBT and PLC.

The FBT is a conventional technique in which two fibers are put together tightly and are fused together by heating while the components are elongated and tapered. With the continuous development of technology, FBT separator quality is very good, can be deployed in a cost-effective manner. The FBT allocator is widely accepted and used for passive networks, especially where packet configuration is small. A disadvantage of this technique occurs when a large split configuration is required. FBT technology in a single instance can be achieved in the number of mass division is limited, so the need for a larger split configuration, the data must be spliced together. As a result, the physical size increases due to multiple separators, as well as excess losses from the joint. Therefore, for these cases, the fiber PLC splitter is more ideal.

The latest technology, the fiber PLC splitter, provides a better solution for applications that require larger split configurations. To achieve this, the waveguide is fabricated onto a quartz glass substrate using lithography, which allows routing a specific percentage of light. As a result, the PLC splitter provides very precise and uniform splitting while minimizing losses in an efficient package. The fiber PLC splitter is manufactured using similar techniques to fabricate semiconductors, which are very compact, efficient and reliable.

FBT shunt ratio can be controlled according to site requirements, if the uniformity is good, need to carefully calculate the pairing. The ratio variable is the best advantage of the device. The proportion of the fiber PLC splitter is determined by the design of the mask. The current ratio is uniform, due to the high degree of consistency of the semiconductor process, the device channel uniformity is very good, and maintain the uniformity of the output light size.

With the rapid development of global FTTx, the demand for larger packet configurations in these networks is growing to serve the mass of users. Due to performance advantages and overall low deployment costs, PLC dispensers are now the ideal solution for these types of applications. Fiber PLC splitter is the current hot research at home and abroad, the application of broad prospects for the distribution or combination of optical signals.

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