Fiber PLC Splitter Is Suitable For Miniaturized Fiber


Fiber PLC splitter is used to distribute or combine optical signals based on planar lightwave circuit technology to provide a low cost, low cost optical distribution solution with small size and high reliability.

From the perspective of the development of optical devices, PLC technology has become the mainstream technology for large-scale high-performance, low-cost optical splitter preparation. The preparation of the optical splitter is accomplished by producing a splitter chip that is coupled to the optical fiber array package, which is the use of PLC technology. It is characterized by small equipment, low cost, good splitter uniformity. But at the same time, the technical threshold is relatively high, especially for the production of large optical splitters for mass production. Through the PLC technology analysis, we can see that PLC-based glass technology has great advantages in equipment investment, production cost, the optimal choice of production for FTTH, and low-cost optical devices such as optical splitters

Internationally, PLC technology has been widely used in miniaturization, high performance optical device manufacturing and production and optical splitter chip. However, in China, the reality is that we have become a PLC-packaged country but are limited to the downstream industry chain where optical splitters and optical device manufacturing equipment are coupled and packaged, and there is no healthy line of PLC chips. The PLC core device chip completely dependent on imports. The core preparation technology of PLC device exists outside, which leads to the cost control of the device is larger, resulting in the lack of technical support for the development of high-end integrated chip.

There are currently a number of fiber PLC splitters equipped with splitter chips for different network connections. Bare Fiber PLC Splitters have no connectors on the bare fiber side. Blockless PLC splitter has a compact stainless steel tube package for stronger fiber protection and termination. ABS PLC splitter has a plastic ABS box to protect the PLC splitter. Other types of fan-out splitters, tray splitters, rack splitters, LGX splitters, and small plug-in splitters are also widely used in FTTH networks.

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