Fiber PLC Splitter Is A Micro-optical Components


Fiber PLC splitters are based on quartz substrates integrated waveguide optical power distribution equipment similar to coaxial cable transmission systems. Optical network systems use optical signals coupled to a branch distribution. Fiber optic splitters are one of the most important passive components in fiber optic links. It is a multi-input and output terminal optical fiber serial device, especially suitable for passive optical network (EPON, GPON, BPON, FTTX, FTTH, etc.) to connect MDF and terminal equipment, branch optical signals.

According to this principle, fiber optic splitters can be divided into fused double tapered (FBT) splitter and planar light wave splitter (PLC). FBT splitter is one of the most common. FBT splitters are widely accepted and used in passive networks, especially in the case of small shunt configurations (1x2, 1x4, 2x2, etc.). PLC is newer technology. PLC Splitter provides a better solution for large applications. Waveguides are fabricated on silica glass substrates using lithography, which allows routing of a specific percentage of light. As a result, PLC splitters provide accurate and uniform shunting with minimal loss in an efficient package.

FBT splitters use two (or more) optical fibers. The fiber coating is removed. Both fibers are stretched simultaneously in the heated zone to form a double cone. This special waveguide structure allows the splitting ratio to be controlled by controlling the twist angle of the fiber and the length of the stretch. PLC optical splitter is the use of photolithography technology to form optical waveguide medium or semiconductor substrate micro-optical components, to achieve the branch distribution function.

When selecting a fiber PLC splitter, always consider the ratio. However, with the increasingly complicated network cabling environment, a variety of packaged PLC splitters are being invented. Now PLC splitter package is also a key factor to consider. Bare Fiber PLC Splitters are the simplest and most commonly used PLC splitters in the FTTx project. This type of PLC splitter holds bare optical fiber at all its ends. In this way, according to the application can be free splicing network engineer. At the same time, the bare fiber PLC splitter requires minimal space when wiring. They are easily installed in fiber splice boxes to provide FTTH signal distribution.

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