Fiber Optic Termination Box Provides A Simple Management


Fiber optic termination box is generally box-shaped cable management products for protecting and distributing fiber links. It is compact and compact for FTTX cabling, including fiber optic cabling and cable management. The fiber optic termination box can be viewed as an optical fiber patch panel and ODF mini size. Typically, the fiber terminal box includes a fiber optic patch panel and a fiber junction box. The fiber board has a larger size and a smaller fiber junction box. However, too many fiber terminal boxes and cable management equipment is difficult to calculate its type. Many manufacturers will be based on their own design and manufacture of fiber terminal box, and fiber terminal box to provide a different name and model.

Fiber patch is typically 19 inches in size. They may be wall-mounted or rack-mounted, and they have trays in the fiber box to maintain and protect the fiber links. They can be pre-installed with a variety of fiber optic adapter, which is connected through the fiber optic device to connect the external device interface. The rack-mounted fiber-optic terminal box splits, distributes, terminates, repairs, stores, and manages the fiber in a unit. They support cross-connect and interconnect architectures and provide an interface between external cables and transmission equipment. The wall-mounted fiber optic termination box is designed for pre-wired cables, field-mounted connectors, or field-mounted braids. They are ideal for building entry terminals, telecom cabinets, main cross-connect, computer rooms and other controlled environments.

The fiber optic termination box can be rack mounted to the rack mount unit. Including 19-inch and 21-inch installations. Unlike the wall mounting type, the number of front and rear doors, rails and inner box can be fixed depending on capacity. And provides an interface between an external plant cable and a transmission device. Separation, splicing and termination can be done indoors and outdoors in a small area of the fiber distribution box. The fiber junction box is the best solution for network deployment in client applications. It can be assigned cables after the dispenser is installed, and the fiber optic cable can be pulled out by direct or cross-connect. The standard plug-and-play separator is specifically accepted in the box.

The fiber optic termination box provides a simple and clear way to manage the incoming and outgoing cables. The fiber bending radius is firmly protected in the box, and the signal integrity is ensured. The fiber terminal box is a compact device that can be easily installed, maintained and subsequently terminated. The number of fibers can be varied to meet the project requirements. When installed in different occasions, the fiber terminal box is also designed to have a different structure.

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