Fiber Optic Splice Closure Resists Harsh Factors


Fiber-optic connector boxes, also known as fiber-optic joints, are usually used in conjunction with outdoor cables to provide space for outdoor fiber-optic cables to be spliced together. In general, in order to strictly protect the optical fiber joint, it is usually used to seal the fiber connector, which is also called the optical fiber connection closure. The sealing parts of fiber connector are divided into dome type and horizontal type, but the use of horizontal type is more.

Structure Of Fiber Splice Closures

The fiber connector box is made of special industrial grade high strength plastic and has a reliable moisture-proof layer. They are also continuously optimized to resist material aging due to factors in the natural environment, such as uv. There are two main types of enclosures, optical fiber and optical fiber terminals. The enclosure is the integrity of the hardware used to restore the fiber optic cable to the chassis. The terminal is a reinforced external connector that can be added to the chassis with one or more fiber-optic cables. These two categories can be configured to butt off and inline close. The docking closure allows the cable to enter from one end, while the inner closure can be accessed at both ends.

Fiber Optic Splice Closures Key Features:

The imported high strength construction plastic shell adopts stainless steel material to increase the aging resistance.

The overlapping structure in the splicing tray is easy to install;

Suitable for common fiber and ribbon fiber;

Perfect leakproofness and good function;

Perfect and reliable seal operation;

Fiber bent radium guarantees more than 40mm;

Full range of operating accessories;

Optical fiber connector can be reused;

High reliability;

Used for antenna and direct buried applications.

Fiber Optic Splice Closure Types

According to the appearance of optical fiber connector, the fiber connector box can be divided into horizontal and vertical.


The horizontal fiber connector box is like a flat or cylindrical box. It usually contains one or more fiber-optic connector trays to provide space and protection for fiber-optic connections. The fiber connector tray used in different fiber connector boxes may have different design and optical fiber quantity. The flat fiber connector box is designed to be waterproof and dustproof. They have good adaptability and compression resistance.


The vertical fiber connector closure looks like a dome, so they are also known as the dome fiber joint closure. They are in the same specification as the horizontal type, designed specifically for buried applications.

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