Fiber Optic Splice Closure Requires Standard Mounting


Fiber optic splice closures generally include some means to maintain the continuity of the tensile strength members of the cable in question, and also to maintain the electrical continuity of the metal armor, providing this armor with external connectivity for electrical grounding. In the case of fiber optic cables, it also contains a splicing organizer to facilitate the splicing process and to protect the exposed optical fiber from mechanical damage. In addition to the seals at the joints and cable entries, the joint closure can be filled with sealant to further retard the ingress of water.

Fiber optic splice closure is suitable for protecting fiber optic connectors in straight-through and branch-in applications. Its well-designed injection molded outer body makes it less likely to penetrate components. It protects the connector from ambient temperatures of -40 ° C to + 65 ° C and ensures reliability and usage. It can be placed in the air, underground, wall and pipe installation locations.

Fiber optic splice closure is specifically designed to provide reliable and long-term protection of fibers and connectors while minimizing installation and maintenance. All network architectures offer full shutdown capabilities. The specific version is available, depending on the number of fibers or cables, the diameter of the fiber and the type of fiber - single or ribbon fiber.

Fiber optical splice closure are designed to simplify connector management and maintenance. Intuitive engineering reduces the installation time and complexity of field fiber splicing. No heat, adhesives, drills or power packs for mounting or re-entry are required, simply access and install the cables using a standard Type 216 wrench. Fiber optic splice boxes provide security for all types of cables. The series is designed to meet common needs and site conditions, different sizes to meet the different number of stitching, very suitable for a variety of applications.