Fiber Optic Splice Closure Manufacturers Share What Small Fiber Optic Connectors Are


Small (SFF) fiber optic connectors to fill the attention of devices that may fit into tight spaces and allow for dense connections, such as fiber patch cords. Some of them are miniature versions of older connectors built around 1.25mm ferrules instead of 2.5mm ferrules used in ST, SC and FC connectors. Others are based on smaller MT-type ferrules for multi-fiber connections or other new designs. Let's take a look at the Fiber Optic Splice Closure manufacturer to see what are the small fiber connectors?

FiberStore LC connector. It is similar to the typical RJ45 phone jack on the outside and is similar to the micro version of the SC connector inside. The LC connector uses a 1.25mm ceramic (zirconia) ferrule instead of a 2.5mm ferrule and adds a push-in design that provides tensile stability in system rack mounting. The LC connector is ideal for single-mode applications. Typically, LC connectors are available for simplex and duplex, single-mode and multimode versions.

FiberStore MU connector. It has a push-pull mechanism that utilizes the same 1.25mm ferrule as the LC connector. Applications for MU connectors include high-speed data communications, voice networks, telecommunications, and dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM). They are also used in a variety of optical connections and can, therefore, be used as a self-holding mechanism in backplane applications. The MU connector can be found in both simplex and duplex versions.

FiberStore E2000 connector. The exterior looks like a miniature SC connector, just like the MU connector uses a 1.25mm ferrule. It's easy to install, with a snap-in and push-pull latch mechanism that makes a click when fully inserted. The E2000 connector includes a spring-loaded blind that completely protects the ferrule from dust and scratches. When the connector is disconnected, the blinds are automatically closed to prevent the ingress of impurities, which can cause future network failures and lock devices that could damage the laser. When you connect it to the adapter, the blinds open automatically. The E2000 connector is available in single-mode and multimode versions.

FiberStore MT-RJ connector. It has a miniature two fiber ferrule with two guide pins that are parallel to the outer fiber. When mated with two MT-RJ connectors, the guide pins are precisely aligned with the ferrule. The MT-RJ connector is designed with male-female polarity, which means that the MT-RJ connector has two guide pins and the female MT-RJ connector has two holes. The MT-RJ connector is used in communication systems within buildings. Because they are designed as plugs and jacks like the RJ-45 phone connector, the adapter can be used in several designs, but not all. MT-RJ connectors are only available in duplex and multimode versions, provided they use a two-core fiber ferrule.