Fiber Optic Splice Closure Manufacturers Introduce Methods to Prevent Fiber Damage


Today, the Fiber Optic Splice Closure manufacturer will talk about the causes of fiber damage and how to prevent damage.

First, what is the main cause of damage to optical fibers?

1. When the inner CVD method is used, the initial quartz tube itself is damaged.

2. Brushing the dust in the furnace, the environmental conditions of temperature changes.

3. The surface of the fiber is in contact with other objects.

4. The fiber is fused, and the damage on the surface of the fiber will gradually increase over time, which is also the cause of fiber breakage.

5. Fiber fusion, the main factors that cause fiber damage to expand include: stress, water, temperature and so on.

Second, how to reduce fiber splice loss?

1. Try to use the same batch of high-quality brand-name bare fiber on one line.

2. Cable erection is carried out as required.

3. Select experienced and well-trained fiber-optic splicers for continuation.

4. The connecting cable should be carried out in a neat environment.

5. Select a high-precision fiber face cutter to prepare the fiber end face.

6. Proper use of the fusion splicer.