Fiber Optic Splice Closure - Low Carbon and Environmentally Friendly


The fiber optic splice closure is an indispensable device in the communication equipment. The powerful function of the network allows the fiber optic communication equipment to be upgraded step by step. The fiber optic splice closure has the characteristics of high mechanical strength and good sealing performance.

Needless to say, the convenience of the network now, based on low-carbon production, the alloy casing is treated with electro-chemical treatment, corrosion resistance, excellent performance, sealing ring and silicone seal, easy to repeat, expand, repair, multiplex and other high-quality features . For the cable fixing, the aluminum tube matched with the diameter of the light is clamped to prevent the cable from being pinched, and it is installed in different parts of the tower, and the installation is firmer.

Note: When installing the cable distribution box, you should do the site protection measures, moisture, water and dust, and pay attention to the actual operation on site. Due to the high power consumption of the device, the internal temperature is high, and in the case of high temperature, especially in outdoor summer, it is easy to accelerate the aging or even damage of the device.

In the continuous working state of the monitoring equipment, the change of the power supply is normal. If the equipment requires a narrow input range, it is inevitable that the equipment will not work when the power supply changes, or even cause damage to the telephone cable distribution box, especially as the front-end equipment. The transmitter is usually installed in an outdoor equipment box. The site environment is relatively bad, and lightning protection is extremely important. The quality of the lightning protection measures directly determines the probability of failure of the cable distribution box.