Greentel Fiber Optic Splice Closure Is Usually Stable


After reviewing the development process of the network, we all feel that the development of the network is changing with each passing day. The application of the network has been updated and upgraded almost every few years. The continuous development of the network application has raised the requirements for higher bandwidth and other related performance. With the popularization of Gigabit and 10Gigabit networks, copper cabling systems currently seem to be used only in the end-user part of our traditional cabling system. In the face of increasing demand, fiber optic splice closures have become an indispensable part of network cabling design and are widely used in cabling networks. This is due to the fact that fiber has unparalleled advantages over copper cabling products. Currently, greentel fiber optic splice closure not only has it been commonly used in trunk wiring systems, it has also entered horizontal and desktop applications.

In the wiring system, the transmission medium is just like a road or bridge in a transportation network. The correctness of the safe operation of all networks and the mutual transmission of information between the various parts must be established on the basis of the safety, stability, and reliability of the wiring system. It is crucial that if the reliability of the components of the network cabling is uncertain, then the security of network operations on this basis becomes even more unpredictable and guaranteed. Therefore, the most basic condition for the network security operation is to ensure the security, reliability and efficiency of the transmission medium. It is necessary to achieve a high degree of security and stability of the components of the network cabling and a good match between the components to reduce signal losses as much as possible. And provide enough transmission capacity to support today's and tomorrow's application needs.

Because the signal transmitted in the copper cable network is an electrical signal, and the signal transmitted in the optical fiber network is an optical signal, when examining the performance of different network media, there are many parameters that are different, but regardless of the electrical signal or the optical signal, Insertion loss, return loss, and noise interference are all major factors affecting the network performance, and of course include the degradation of network performance caused by the mismatch between the connectors.

In the current general-purpose fiber cabling network, because the technology and quality of the fiber optic splice closure used in the cabling are generally relatively stable, the characteristics of the fiber optic cable composed of optical fibers and various types of fiber optic connectors, jumpers, and pigtails are mostly stable. And in the actual use of the wiring, they are relatively fixed, so most of the reasons that may affect the stability of the optical fiber network are focused on the optical fiber connection technology.