Fiber Optic Splice Closure Is In The Right Direction


The most important feature of integrated wiring system is the use of the same interface and the same transmission medium, so that a variety of different information in the above transmission, and the realization of this feature need to connect different patch panels between the patch to complete, we can see, The role of Fiber Optic Splice Closure is very large. In fact, with the development of wiring technology, fiber optic splice closures themselves are also being developed in a high-density, easy-to-manage and easy-to-install direction.

With the popularization and deepening of network applications, high port density has become a trend of many network devices (such as 24-port or even 48-port switches have become very popular), which requires supporting as many ports in the rack. In order to meet this need, high port density fiber optic splice closure was born. 24-port, 48-port or even 96-port patch panel is not uncommon, and the patch panel is also getting thinner, 1U, 2U height can reach these ports.

In fact, it is also an effective way to design fiber optic splice closures with a certain angle (bevel angle) in order to increase port density. This will take full advantage of the depth of the cabinet because straight lengths of fiber optic splice closures (flat corners) apparently do not have as many ports available as "bent corners" for long lengths. And, the beveled design provides the right jumper bend radius in the rack, minimizing horizontal management requirements and providing better room for high-density applications. Now, many manufacturers have introduced such products.

The management and security of network system are getting more and more attention. As the network scale becomes larger, higher requirements are put forward for the manageability of the network. Intelligent management of the integrated wiring system also increasingly refers to the schedule. In fact, in order to better realize the intelligent management of the integrated wiring system, in addition to the corresponding software, fiber optic splice closure management is also very important part. Pipes with good management ability can make the cable layout more systematic, standardized and rationalized so as to avoid the occurrence of "fried noodles" cables, which is more and more important today when the port density of distribution frames is getting higher and higher.

Specifically, fiber optic splice closure management capabilities in addition to a proprietary management system and the entire network management system integration, some of the details in the design are also reflected, such as the line sequence, the patch panel with a two-color code to Support 568A / B line order, and each patch panel port surface with digital or analog category identification, the user can also choose the port identification icon and patch panel identification labels.