Fiber Optic Splice Closure Installation Steps


What to prepare to install Fiber Optic Splice Closure  , let's take a look at it.

Fiber optic splice boxes typically include end plates, splice tray organizers, fiber splice trays, covers, cable grommets, grommet holders, mounting brackets, and hardware.

First, fiber optic cable sheath preparation

1. Expose the tear line. Mark the marked location with tape, cut the jacket with a sharp knife ring, remove the corrugated armor if applicable, and scrape off the outer jacket to expose the tear line.

2. Remove the outer sheath. The longitudinal sheath is cut along the outer sheath and the outer sheath and corrugated metal are stripped to cut the tear line that is flush with the corrugated metal end.

3. Remove the inner sheath. The slit is cut using a slit rope under the inner sheath, the aramid yarn is cut, the central strength member is cut, and the filling compound is cleaned.

Second, bonding and grounding hardware installation

Slide the cable clip onto the jacket, slide the bond shoe under the corrugated metal, place the bone plate on the bond shoe and secure the sheath clip.

Fourth, assemble the cable to the connector box

The preferred location of the two main cables is on the lower end plate port. If a third or fourth cable is required, it is easier to install it as a drop cable in the upper-end port. This fiber splice closure is designed for two of each of the two ports. If only one cable is installed in the port, replace the second cable with the supplied rubber washer plug.

Install the cable to the end plate. Unscrew the knob and remove the grommet holder, position the end plate assembly, attach the sheath retainer to the dielectric cable, slide the cable and sheath clamp, and secure the sheath to the trunk.

Washer mounting and external grounding. Using a B-seal, push the gasket into the end plate port and apply more B-seal.

Fiber Unit Preparation and Distribution Manager installation. Remove the looser tubes, divide the loose tubes of each cable into two groups, position the dispensing organizer, secure the loose tubes to the dispensing organizer, and secure the loose tubes.

Connector tray installation. Place the splice tray, secure the end of the splice tray to the finisher, then install the cable, grommet and external ground.

Fiber optic connection. Involving joint bracket placement, fiber bonding and fixing the connector bracket cover. Finally, the fiber connector cover is installed and the closed installation is completed.