Fiber Optic Splice Closure in the Actual Work Environment Risk


In the case of continuous operation of the equipment, the power supply changes are normal, and the on-site environment is relatively poor, and lightning protection is extremely important. The pros and cons of lightning protection directly determine the probability of failure of the fiber optic splice closure.

Has become the main fault point in the power distribution area, and its damage and loss caused by other failures is many times, mainly in the summer peak hours, due to high temperature and large load operation, the meter terminal cable connection loose heat , And due to maintenance is not timely, resulting in a short circuit, and burned the entire fiber optic splice closure, coupled with the fiber optic splice closure itself design flaws, surrounded by cooling holes, wiring holes, but also became a water hole.

The heat-melting temperature of the materials and fillers used for the reinforced fiber optic splice closure is more than 120 °C, and the heat softening temperature is more than 90 °C. It can be used under the temperature of -40 °C ~ +60 °C for a long time. Its main function is to realize the connection of fiber optic cable, and at the same time, to ensure the grounding function of the fiber optic splice closure, the internal grounding device and the grounding portion of the optical cable must be electrically connected, and the metal component and grounding device of the fiber optic splice closure and the fiber cable reinforcement core must be guaranteed. They are insulated from each other to avoid adverse effects from the environment on the fiber optic splice closures.

On the objective side, since the environment in which fiber optic splice closures are used is basically outdoors, their use environments may be buried, overhead, or pipelines. In order to prevent the impact of lightning or other factors, it is required that the “voltage withstand strength” of the fiber optic splice closure must comply with the requirement of no breakdown and no arcing within 1 minute after applying a 15 kV DC voltage in the standard. Therefore, higher requirements are placed on the design of the fixing and grounding device of the fiber optic splice closure and the insulating materials used.

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