Greentel Fiber Closure from Greentel (Sealing Material)


An Excellent Fiber Closure Requires Special Attention to Sealing Issues.

At present, more and more optical fiber cables are used, and more and more optical cable connection devices are also used.Fiber optic splice closure are used in many optical cable connection devices. Their main function is to realize the connection and continuity of fiber optic splice closures. Disagreement is an indispensable part of the optical cable communication line, and its quality plays a vital role in communication transmission. How to design and produce fiber optic splice closures with excellent production performance relates to the construction and operation of optical fiber networks, the security of operations, and future benefits.

Sealing material for fiber optic splice closure:

When the sealing performance of the fiber optic splice closure does not meet the requirements of the industry standards, moisture and water seepage will occur inside the cartridge, which will lead to aging of the optical fiber coating, resulting in deformation of the optical fiber and decrease of flexibility.

Reasonable sealing methods should be adopted to reduce moisture and water seepage in the box. There are two commonly used sealing methods: one is a non-vulcanized rubber seal, which is characterized by a reliable seal, but the sealing material can not be reused; the other is a vulcanized rubber seal, the material is characterized by repeated use, but through the test It has been found that this material is difficult to achieve airtightness. Although it will not be deformed in a short period of time, it will be deformed when it is held in a long-term state, and the sealing effect will be worse when it is used for the second time, but in order to prevent it from aging, it should be Anti-aging agent is added to the material.

An excellent fiber optic splice closure requires many aspects of design, and comprehensive optimization in all aspects can achieve a good result. Therefore, when designing fiber optic splice closures, special attention must be paid to sealing.