Fiber Optic Box Is Provided For Information Transmission


Fiber optic box is actually fiber optic patch panels, used in the use of optical fiber technology to transmit digital and similar voice, video and data signals. Can be installed directly or desktop installation, do not suitable for high-speed optical fiber transmission. Fiber optic box is mainly used in the end of the fiber when the sub-line, the general fiber optic cable to the enterprise room after access to the fiber box, and then separated from a lot of small fiber, a pair of separate discs in the fiber box separated Connect the pigtail to the specific equipment side.

In short, the fiber optic box refers to the fiber optic connector to connect the box, for example, fiber splice joints need to protect, you need a box, and fiber jumps need to flange connection, multi-core fiber cloth in a box inside the security Sequential wiring is also safe. Fiber optic cable is mainly used for fiber optic cable terminal welding, optical connector installation, optical circuit transfer, redundant pigtail storage and cable protection, it is for optical fiber communication network safe operation and flexible use has an important role.

The fiber optic box is a fiber optic cable terminal, one is the cable, the other is the pigtail, the equivalent of a fiber optic cable is split into a single fiber optic equipment, installed on the wall of the user cable terminal box, its function is to provide fiber and fiber The welding of the fiber and the pigtail, and the transfer of the optical connector. And to provide mechanical protection and environmental protection for optical fibers and their components, and to allow proper inspection to maintain the highest standards of fiber management.

Cable in the client side of a way, it is simple, that is, a cable to the client side, it is fixed in the terminal box, the terminal box in the cable in the core and pigtail fusion, such as a 8-core Of the cable (the cable has eight cores), then it can be welded through the terminal box up to eight pigtails. You said the two into the 8, it should be said that there are two fiber optic cable into a terminal box, according to the need to melt a total of eight pigtails.