Fiber Optic Box And Dispensing Device


A borescope insertion fiber optic box and dispensing device comprising:

A base member;

A reel member rotatably mounted on said base, said real member consisting of upper and lower spaced apart flange members mounted on a plurality of standoffs defining an outer recess therebetween adapted to receive the insertion tube in coiled fashion and an inner cylindrical compartment;

A circular cover portion cut from the upper flange member and hingedly mounted therein providing, when in the open position, across to said inner cylindrical compartment within the center of said reel;

A cylindrical block of resilient foam material disposed within said inner compartment, having a plurality of cavities adapted to receive therein an interface module of a borescope insertion tube; and handle means positioned adjacent the periphery of one of said flange members for carrying the fiber optic box and dispensing device.