Fiber Closures Are Critical in Network Communications


The Fiber Closure is a passive device and does not provide active transmission. With the increasingly fierce competition in the telecommunications market, operators are stepping up their own fiber optic cable networks and cable distribution boxes. The existing situation shows that having a good network does not mean that you have a user. When you have a good network, you should provide an easy access point for users. But not every place can provide suitable indoor environment installation. ODF, so the use of outdoor fiber closure is an inevitable choice. Although the fiber closure has shortcomings in material properties, fusion fiber distribution integrated structure, and fusion fiber distribution disk for various types of core structure, but in the next few years The large-scale construction of fiber optic cable access networks, today's fiber closures without connector replacement products will still be widely used, so the fiber closure will have a good market prospect.

Due to material performance problems, some domestic imitation products have great differences in the performance of waterproofing gas condensation and impact resistance with the introduction of KRONE in Germany. In addition, due to the poor anti-aging properties of the sealing strip, it is waterproof and dustproof. Performance is also average. Of course, when the external environment of the fiber closure is better, it is acceptable to reduce the performance requirements and reduce the investment. The capacity of the fiber closure refers to the number of cores that can be the largest end of the fiber closure.

The size of the volume is proportional to the volume of the box, the overall cost, and the difficulty of construction and maintenance, so it should not be too large. The high-quality outdoor box is selected to have high strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal insulation effect, which can slow the temperature change inside and outside the box, and can effectively prevent moisture condensation caused by sudden weather changes in the box. Thereby reducing the occurrence of condensation phenomenon, and effectively ensuring the working environment of the optical device in the cable distribution box, and simultaneously selecting the optical device with environmentally-resistant changes and the well-designed disk fiber and jump circuit, can greatly reduce the occurrence due to environmental changes. The optical device adds additional attenuation and the generation of fiber microbends.