Fiber Closure Provides Greater Flexibility For Complex Fiber Optic Networks


A full line of Fiber Closure and accessories designed to protect fiber optic facilities. The Fiber Closure has earned its reputation for reliable protection of fiber optic facilities. Now, the closure includes many models and configurations for more flexibility to help meet the complex needs of today’s fiber optic networks.Growing technologies require growing solutions.

The Fiber Closure have a modular structure, are available in four sizes and offer the highest degree of protection. The robust housing is made from black shock-resistant plastic and ensures easy installation. The integrated pressure value allows overpressure to be generated inside the sleeve depending on its use. This keeps out dirt efficiently and also protects the housing from pressure applied from the outside.

You want to build reliable FTTP networks faster and cheaper. The expanded Fiber Optic Splice Closure can help you meet these needs for most applications (including aerial, buried, underground, vault and building entrance) and  cables (including loose buffer tube, tight buffer tube, central tube, discrete fiber, ribbon fiber, armored or dielectric).

The smallest splicing sleeve offers space for up to four splice trays, the largest up to 48 splice trays each with 12 splices. The inner workings of the closure offer enough space for optimal fibre management.

The cables can be prepared and sealed outside of the splice closure and before installation. This means that the work carried out within the splice closure in direct proximity to pre-installed fibres and thus the possibilities of error are reduced.