Fiber Closure Manufacturers Share What Is A Prefabricated Fiber Optic Connector


A conventional fiber optic connector or fiber splice is a prefabricated fiber optic connector that can be used under harsh conditions by attaching a special material to the external connector. What are the characteristics of the prefabricated fiber optic connectors shared by the following Fiber Closure manufacturers?

1. The contact piece adopts standard MT ferrule interface, MT ferrule interface can reach up to 24 cores, with reliable performance, simple operation, and high integration;

2. Made of stainless steel SUS316, anti-corrosion, good mechanical properties;

3. The mechanical thread locking mechanism can ensure long-term and reliable connection;

4. Designed with a positioning pin, which can be easily and quickly connected and installed with one hand blind insertion;

5. Seal design: with dustproof and waterproof features, the protection level can reach IP67;

6. Small size, easy to operate, sturdy and durable;

7. Perforated seal design, the socket connector can be fixed to the device by screws;

8. No need to weld, plug, and play, convenient and fast;

9. The cable assembly can be made into a variety of standard forms of connectors, suitable for a variety of user requirements;

10. The component is equipped with armor cable, which is durable and durable.